I'm all the way in California but I do have a question; what can you do for women like me who have no lashes therefore have nothing to anchor false lashes to?
The Hair Porn !!!I love you girl how have you been??? I am just starting another Hairlista binge- you know when you check it at work, before bed...- and wanted to check in with you!!!

But most importantly, you mean to tell me you can grow gorgeous Rapunzel length hair but NOT have eyelashes?!?!? I don't believe it. I also do not believe it because before I made the decision to mainstream my business, I worked as a makeup artist for about two years and have never seen anyone without lashes. Even very fair featured ladies with very fine hair have some lash.

I would recommend:

  1. For a low level of commitment: Use a great mascara but WITH a primer underneath. Even with an inexpensive primer (Maybelline makes amazing on trend, quality makeup with their specialty being mascaras. Their XL line features a primer on one end of the wand and mascara on the other.) will add width and length to your lash before applying mascara.

  2. For a higher level of commitment: Strip lashes! Slide a mirror under your chin, gaze down, apply to the lid as close to the lash line as humanly possible and va, va, voom!

  3. If you’re all in: See a lash specialist in your area, even if only for a consultation! They are AH-MAAAZING!

Happy New Year, Love! :)